dream.build.rise Albion E- Program

dream.build.rise is an entrepreneurial program designed to encourage, nurture, and support entrepreneurs and the development of small businesses in the Albion area by providing technical assistance, education, and networking and mentorship opportunities with other local, successful entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, and community stakeholders. The enhanced entrepreneurial programming provided by dream.build.rise will foster a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem in Albion, and actively reduce barriers for minority and women-owned businesses and increase the percentage of those earning a livable wage in Albion. 

The goals of dream.build.rise are to:
  • Reduce barriers for Minority and Women-owned small businesses
  • Grow entrepreneurship in Albion
  • Reduce ALICE and poverty percentages by increasing livable wages
The program objectives of dream.build.rise are to provide:
  • Education and resources specifically for small business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Technical Assistance from subject matter experts
  • Mentorship and networking with community stakeholders
  • Build-out of funding pathways, including seed, gap, and access to traditional financing
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